What is the Har-Hotzvim administration?

The Har-Hotzvim administration is a non-profit organization that unites the companies located in Har-Hotzvim in order to promote Har-Hotzvim – the hi-tech park of Jerusalem.

 What does the administration do?

•Representing Har-Hotzvim in front of the municipality, the Jerusalem Development Authority, Egged, Jerusalem Transportation Master Plan and other authorities.

• Providing services to companies and their employees: group discounts, professional fairs and forums, business cooperation and more.

• Taking care of the campus : Running four free parking lots, gardening, taking care of the landscape and directional signs, etc.

• Positioning Har-Hotzvim park as a leading hi-tech park in Israel through a website, newsletter and more.

Who is considered a member of Har-Hotzvim administration?

• The activities of the administration are funded by membership fees that the companies pay voluntarily. The employees of these companies are considered members they are eligible to the maximum culture and leisure benefits.

Har-Hotzvim holds about 250 companies that employ about 9,500 people. The potential for integration and synergy between companies within the framework of the administration to achieve better conditions for them and for the park is huge.

Why join the administration?

Har-Hotzvim administration has been operating for more than a decade in front of operational and planning bodies in the municipal and national authorities to ensure that the interests that are important to the Har-Hotzvim companies will be saved. Consequently, the administration is currently perceived by the authorities as the official body that represents the companies in Har-Hotzvim.

The authorities are currently discussing several programs which will create significant changes in traffic arrangement and parking in Har-Hotzvim. This matter has an utmost importance and we must invest our best efforts to influence and protect the interests of all of us. In addition, we are exploring the possibility of building additional parking lots and upgrading the public transport that reaches Har-Hotzvim hi-tech park.

No company can and no company wants to act independently in these areas.

Concurrently, the administration is doing activities in the public sphere designed to improve the standard of living in Har-Hotzvim: creating a beautiful landscape by gardening the park, placing seating areas, blocks stratification and the renewal of the signs posted at each building.

Also, we recently worked on the reduction of approximately 1,200,000 NIS property taxes paid by companies from Har-Hotzvim by fixing the classification in the municipality, we held professional forums (procurement, human resources, safety and security) and we upgraded the newsletter, which positions Har-Hotzvim as a leading hi-tech park in Israel. The park’s website and the Jobs section inside – which yields very good results – have been upgraded as well.

We provide specialized services to Har-Hotzvim employees: Hundreds of employees enjoyed the leisure and culture benefits we proposed by leveraging the purchasing power of all the employees in Har-Hotzvim .

These examples show again that the existence and activities of the administration are vital and contribute to all of Har-Hotzvim companies. In order to continue to be a trusted and the best representative of Har-Hotzvim companies we need your participation and support active.

We invite you to join the other companies who have done it and are now members of the administration, so that together we can overcome our challenges.

We will be e happy to arrange a meeting to go into detail about our activities and to answer questions.

Nisan Lieblein, Director

Manager, Har-Hotzvim administration

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