About the Administration

The association for fostering the sciences campus Har-Hotzvim, which serves as the park’s administration, was established in 1993 by the park’s companies and the Jerusalem Development Authority in order to deal with issues common to Har-Hotzvim companies: the facade of the campus, development of the park, providing services to the companies and their employees, quality of life in the hi-tech park and representing the interests of Har-Hotzvim in front of the relevant authorities and ministries.

Har-hotzvim hi-tech park has 400,000 square meters of build-up area, 29 buildings (some more are under construction) and over 250 hi-tech companies and technology and service providers, which employ about 10,000 people.

The Har-Hotzvim administration initiated the establishment of the internal sign system, upgraded the sidewalks in various sections, was responsible for many gardening jobs, organized free parking lots and brought many other services to Har-Hotzvim. The administration has initiated a project to upgrade the entrances to Har-Hotzvim and its front along Sderot Golda Meir (in cooperation with the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Development Authority). A part of the project is a sculptured sign that was placed in each of the three entrances to the industrial park. Seating areas, outdoor recreation and more were placed as well. Likewise, the administration organized professional courses, lectures and forums, and produced campus employee fairs.

The Har-Hotzvim park administration is also responsible for the park’s website and publishes a quarterly newsletter which includes hi-tech articles and the latest news of hi-tech companies operating in the park. To register for the newsletter please click here.

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