About Har-Hotzvim Hi-Tech Park

Har-Hotzvim Hi-Tech Park gathers the best companies in the hi-tech industry, making it one of the largest and leading hi-tech centers in Israel.

The park includes leading international and Israeli companies such as Intel, Teva, Cisco, Ophir Optronics Solutions, Medinol, BrightSource, Mobileye, Rafa Laboratories, Omrix and many others. Beyond that, the park is a home for medium-size hi-tech companies as well as small start-ups.

Har-Hotzvim Hi-Tech Park was established at the beginning of the seventies at the North-western edges of the city of Jerusalem. It was meant to be the technology development center of Jerusalem. Since then the park has grown and became an important and leading hi-tech center at the heart of Israel, which attracts employees not only from Jerusalem but also from Tel-Aviv and its suburbs. About 9,500 employees are currently working in the various companies inside the park.

Har-Hotzvim Hi-Tech Park is conveniently located close to all major transport routes of Metropolitan Jerusalem and allows excellent accessibility for those coming from Jerusalem and elsewhere, as well as those coming from Modi’in and Tel Aviv.

The park is currently under development and expansion plans after which it is intended to employ about 15,000 workers in hundreds of hi-tech companies. As part of these processes there are plans to upgrade sidewalks and landscape, to construct a recreational plaza with cafes, two new roads and underground parking lots and provide commercial services such as kindergarten and other services that will address all the needs of employees and companies in the park.

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