About Har-Hotzvim Hi-Tech Park

Har-Hotzavim High-Tech Park brings together the best companies of the Israeli high-tech industry, a fact that makes it one of the largest and leading high-tech centers in the State of Israel.

Some of the largest and leading companies in the international and Israeli market operate in the park, such as: Intel, Mobileye, Orcam, Ophir Optronics Solutions, Elbit Rockar Systems, Rafa Laboratories, Alpha Tau and many others. Beyond the big companies, the park also serves as a home for medium, small hi-tech companies and start-ups.

The Har-Hotzavim Hi-Tech Park was established in the early 1970s on the northwestern outskirts of the city of Jerusalem as a development site for knowledge- and technology-intensive industries in Jerusalem. Since then the park has grown and developed and become an important and leading hi-tech center in the heart of the State of Israel, attracting workers from all over the central region. It currently employs about 9,500 people.

The Hi-Tech Park Har-Hotzvim is conveniently located near all the main transportation arteries of the Jerusalem metropolis and allows excellent accessibility for those coming from Jerusalem and beyond, as well as for those coming from the Modi’in area and Tel Aviv.

The park is currently undergoing an extraordinary development and expansion and is expected to double in 7 years. As part of these processes, it is also planned to complete the upgrading of sidewalks and environmental development, the establishment of a leisure plaza with cafes in the heart of the park, the construction of two roads, the construction of underground parking lots and commercial services that will meet all the needs of the employees and companies in the park.


Total area: about 530 dunams.
Area for industry: 335 dunams, amounting to approximately 610,000 square meters of built-up areas.
Built area as of 2023: 400,000 square meters, built area.
Estimated number of employees as of 2023: approximately 9,500 employees.
Available plots: Plots for allocation in Mount Hatzim III (subject to approval of the plan).

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