Expected construction

1. Urban Building Scheme 11616 – includes the development of five new lots and construction of a road linking the Solomon Halevi Street with the road that binds the Teva tablets enterprise.

2. Urban Building Scheme 11616 A – includes the upgrading of the public areas, upgrading sidewalks and the construction of  a tower with space for leisure activities and cafes in what is now the parking lot of Intel Corporation .

3. Urban Building Scheme Hotzvim Garden – The Hotzvim Garden plan is to expand the Har-Hotzvim Hi-Tech park by 40,000 square meters. As part of the expanding construction, and given the increasing demand, development work will be undertaken to establish three anchor plants. The plan also includes construction of a tunnel under the Sderot Golda Meir that will allow direct access to the park and to the underground parking lots that will be constructed in the new buildings. The program also incorporates a public parking lot (153 public parking spaces) as a replacement to the existing parking areas. This project includes an underground public transportation terminal, large parking lot, commercial services, fire protection and rental space for hi–tech companies.

4. Construction of a tower for hi-tech companies by Binat assets at Hartom Street (next to the Rad building) totaling 19,000 sqm.

5. Construction of a tower in the lot of Rafa Laboratories pharmaceutical company – the tower is expected to have 22 floors and eight underground parking floors. The construction area is 10,000 square meters. A new factory of Rafa pharmaceutical which includes a six floors building is currently being built in the western area of the land. The new building plan is added to the construction of this factory. The total proposed construction area is 63,500 sqm out of which 38,000 sqm are for the main area and another 25,500 sqm are intended for service areas. The tower is about to host research companies, up to the level of realization of the research and development to a product or a group of products.

6. Adding floors to existing buildings – plans for adding floors to the following buildings are in the process of planning and applying for permits: Amot Building, Hadarim building, Ramfa building Rmfa Har-Hotzvim Canyon.

7. Opening Route 22 – the road is planned to connect Yadin Street entrance to the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood and Har-Hotzvim at the beginning of Hartom Street. The road will allow a northern entrance to Har-Hotzvim (the three entrances to the park are currently from Sderot Golda Meir) and it will allow to shorten travel time for passengers to the Romema area. The road goes from Ramat Shlomo-Yigael Yadin junction to the beginning of Hartom Street, in the area of Ophir Optronics Solutions building. Its length is one km and it is expected to open in the year 2020.

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