Webint Cyber Analyst

תיאור התפקיד

As an outstandingWebint Cyber Analyst, you will join the struggle against these
pirates of the digital seas, by collecting extensive, precise and real time intelligence
views on the pirate eco system, using a cutting edge arsenal of tools developed in
our group.

•Evaluating Internet information from social media, chats, forums, news feeds,
internet relay chats and other sources of data openly available on the Internet.
•Generating a report based high quality research for other teams to work with
•Support Incident Response investigations (profiling, attribution, and identification
of threat actors).
•Producing periodic intelligence reports (internal / external)
•Generating actionable intelligence for our customers

דרישות התפקיד

•A minimum 2 years experience within Threat Intelligence / OSINT /Webint Threat
Intel role or a similar (military experience included)
•Experience and deep knowledge of extracting information from the web, forums
and social media.
•Knowledge of any scripting languages (Python, Perl, Shell ,etc.)
•English proficiency
•Superb oral and written communication skills – emphasis on technical writing.
•A degree in computer science or equivalent field
•Proven military experience from one of the intelligence corps

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