Security Developer

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Minimum Qualifications :

–       Experienced software developer (at least 5 years’ experience)
–       Up to date with latest technologies and operating system
–          Static analysis of the code and binaries
–          ARM/x86/x86_64 Assembly
–          C/C++ is a must
–          Design patterns
Desired Skills:
–          Knowledge iOS/Android/Mac/Windows internals is a big advantage
–          Reverse engineering including knowledge of IDA and debuggers (ollydbg, windbg, gdb and etc.)
–          Swift/Objective C/ Java (JNI)
–          TEE
–          Security testing and automation
–          GPU Rendering
–          H.264/H.265. MPEG2-TS, HLS, DASH                                                            –          Plan and execute counter attacks to hacker activities

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