PhytoChemistry Researcher

תיאור התפקיד

Developing and managing small scale physicochemical processes in close cooperation with other relevant departments:

Preparation of preliminary manufacturing process plans and the relevant analytical methods suitable for the qualitative profiling of intermediates and active compounds

Preparation and supervision of a complete investigational work plan at laboratory scale

Search for new processing technologies in line with the physicochemical characteristics of new ingredients

Overview of all scientific chemical aspects of the finished ingredient including the botanical knowledge of the plant

דרישות התפקיד

An MA/ PhD (advantage) degree in Chemistry/Biotechnology/Life Sciences

An industrial experience of at least 2 years in more than one area of expertise

Proven experience of interaction between chemistry and process development for the successful launch of a product – advantage.

Knowledge and experience in plant extracts processes in the field of cosmetics and/or food and/or pharma – advantage.

High Level of speaking, reading & writing English

Our Labs and offices are located in the “High Tech village” , Giva’at Ram, Jerusalem

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