Machine Learning Engineer – Research Department

תיאור התפקיד

Lightricks creates award-winning apps – in the field of image, sound and text processing – used by hundreds of millions of content creators all over the world.

Lightricks is a company driven by it’s tech, innovation and good people. At Lightricks Research we are building the algorithms fueling the magic in our apps. To do that, we strive for an efficient workflow using the latest tooling and solving our unique requirements.

We are looking for someone who gets how to maintain and scale the shared infrastructure and codebases for all of our researchers. To build elegant abstractions on top of 3rd party services and tools that will make you want to use them every day. You’ll make sure ML best practices are implemented throughout the research department, in internal prototyping, and in our production facing systems. Problems you’ll tackle can range from ML compilers translating from one format to another, through scalable data pipelines for training neural networks in multiple infrastructures and all the way to owning the shared toolboxes and algorithms of our prototyping teams.

We care deeply about our researcher’s productivity and in this position you’ll have the ability to influence the entire development lifecycle of our algorithms and prototypes. If you love seeing that proverbial needle move – join our research team!


  • Design and maintain libraries for internal use by our researchers. Most importantly, we care about performance and ease of use.
  • Be the owner of our ML infrastructure frameworks, directing development and conducting code reviews.
  • Optimize the flow from prototype to production by improving versioning, benchmarking, serialization and conversion of ML models built by our researchers.
  • Develop tools to automate tasks and enforce conventions. Help every user of your tools be highly productive. Specifically, tools managing datasets and data pipelines, model and artifacts tracking and testing.
  • Write clean, maintainable and testable code and inspire others to do the same.
  • Scalably integrate the latest high impact ML and AI technologies into our process.

דרישות התפקיד

  • 3+ years of development experience in Python.
  • Highly independent, autodidact, unreasonably fast at learning and executing code from inception to production.
  • Experience designing clean and maintainable APIs.
  • Experience writing unit tests and testable code.
  • Experience with databases and caching mechanisms.
  • Experience leading a technical team or project – a big plus.
  • Knowledge in machine learning and familiarity with ML frameworks (PyTorch/TF) – a big plus.
  • Experience in GPGPU – a plus.

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