Integration Technician UPS

תיאור התפקיד

Join Gamatronic, a SolarEdge division, and be part of our new UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system offering Gamatronic develops, manufactures, and sells UPS electrical devices that provide emergency power to appliances when the input power source fails. The company’s technology include UPS systems of a wide range of outputs and monitoring and control solutions for power systems

In this position you will join a professional R&D team for an interesting role. You will be expected to build infrastructure and Automation developments with willingness to provide high coverage and quality tests. You will be engaged in the assembly and qualification of new generations of products, from design to implementation and analysis. You will learn the core technology underlining Gamatronic and SolarEdge’s portfolio and the related tools in the development process

Support the Hardware team from the design and development stages in lab feasibility tests, through board and system tests after layout till we have a certified product ready to mass production
component level debugging
Plan and execute HW-SW tests
Manual and Script Automation tests of the Products
Responsible for automatic testers including building the automatic tester stations and writing their automation scripts
Troubleshooting of problems and failure.We’re located in Jerusalem and moving to Modi’in in 2020


דרישות התפקיד

Education: Technical Electricity degree / certificate (Technician, Practical Engineer).

Experience in System Debug (Power, Analog, Digital).

Experience in component level Debug (Power, Analog, Digital).

Experience in work with basic test equipment (scopes, power meters…).

Advantage: Electrician certificate

Knowledge in writing Script Coding Such as python, C#, etc..

Acquired Knowledge in Power Electronics.

Proven hands-on abilities (Process includes work with Screwdrivers, wiring, etc.

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