Information and Network Security Specialist

תיאור התפקיד

  • Create new ways to solve existing production security issues
  • Perform vulnerability testing, risk analyses, and security assessments as well as evaluate new technologies, using industry standard analysis criteria
  • Investigate intrusion incidents, conduct forensic investigations and mount incident responses
  • Deep knowledge on authentication, authorization and encryption solutions
  • Respond to information security issues during each stage of a security event
  • Supervise changes in software, hardware, facilities, telecommunications, and user needs as well as deliver technical reports.
  • Define, implement and maintain corporate security policies
  • Implementation of products for the corporate organization with minimal disruption

דרישות התפקיד

  • Firewall and intrusion detection/prevention protocols
  • Identity and access management principles
  • Secure network architectures
  • Subnetting, DNS, encryption technologies and standards, VPNs, VLANs, VoIP, and other network routing methods
  • Network and web related protocols (e.g., TCP/IP, UDP, IPSEC, HTTPS, routing protocols, etc.)
  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), phishing and social engineering, network access controllers (NAC), gateway anti-malware, MDM solutions, enhanced authentication and scripting
  • IPS, penetration and vulnerability testing – a plus
  • Ethical hacking and threat modeling – a plus

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