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Lightricks is home for creators everywhere and creates award-winning apps – in the field of image, sound and video processing. Our products were downloaded by more than half a billion (+550M) content creators all over the world and are transforming the ecosystem of digital creation & creativity.

Read about our last investment – Round D – here. Currently we’re progressing towards an IPO in the foreseeable future so the timing couldn’t be better to join us before that happens – in terms of both financial opportunity & professional growth.

We’re looking for a group of tech experts, in the fields of Backend / DevOps / Frontend, that –

  • Work well together.
  • Wish to keep doing so as a group of close friends / colleagues within Lightricks.

We value the added value of a tightly-knit group of professionals and are willing to explore creative compensation packages for such a team. If you find this notion intriguing & relevant to your group – let’s talk.


  • Pending on the group formation. You can read our other tech openings Responsibilities to understand better our challenges in the above mentioned domains.

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  • Same as mentioned in the Responsibilities section above.

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