Head of the system and architecture team

תיאור התפקיד

•Defining system requirements for products and features:
•Bridging between Product Management s high level product requirements,
the specific problem domain, and the capabilities and constraints of
products and technologies
•Designing solution architecture
•Writing specification documents that are clear and detailed enough for
development and testing of the product by the R&D team
•Providing on going detailed guidance to development teams
•Providing technological and product guidance in his/her areas of expertise
for other teams in the company
•Participating in long term research of new technologies and problem

•Technology and architecture leadership and guidance
•Roadmap definition with Product Management
•Management of a highly talented group of people
•Tasks related to being a member of the R&D management team

דרישות התפקיד

•At least 10 years of previous experience as a developer and as an architect,
Out of which at least 5 years in a management position
•Deep understanding and experience in the following fields: Security;
Cyber;Mobile , Fixed and Satellite networks
•Excellent and coherent communications skills, both written and oral, in
both English and Hebrew.
•Ability to lead talented and self managed team of people
Desired Skills:
Graduate/Post Graduate degree in a relevant technological/engineering field

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