Head of Business Intelligence and Analytics

תיאור התפקיד

The Head of BI and Analytics turns data into insights that, in turn, will change how goods move around the world (it’s kind of a big deal). You will lead the BI organization’s data and analytics efforts to impact overall business results (ie $$$). With an intuitive grasp on how data drives business value, you’ll support initiatives to enable actionable analytics (or, in human speak, you make smart recommendations, we’ll make them happen). You’ll empower product and business leaders through data science and play a key role in the Freightos.com Product & Business leadership teams.

  • Take a crap-ton of data, lead the team that analyzes it, and deliver insights that help us all make freight better. Need more? Fine. You’ll…
  • Make data cases so incredibly compelling that relevant people in the company can’t possibly ignore your recommendations. Do it enough times that every single person understands the imperative of data-driven decision making.
  • Use your expertise to create a best-in-class data system. Then use that to create a best-in-class data culture. Then help drive so many valuable decisions that people release 12 white doves when you walk into a room.
  • Set a clear vision for the analytics function, including clear expectations on behavior and performance to support Sales, Finance, Product and other business operations.
  • Find innovative ways to impact the business through new data-driven approaches for the purpose of generating business insights.
  • Keep abreast of new analytics capabilities (this probably means more than just a Udemy course), and drive implementation of new tools and methods to maintain the company at a competitive advantage.
  • Conduct showcases of the company’s analytics capabilities. Not to show off (even though that’s okay too), just to make sure that relevant employees know what is available.
  • Lead, manage and coach your team of data and analytics professionals, developing top talent and creating an attractive proposition for employees and external hires. Bottom line, we want a team that’s completely unaverage (see, we get data too).
  • Be able to do more with less and have the ability to use and deliver a broad set of tools to the organization.

דרישות התפקיד

  • Strong foundation in product analytics and statistics, especially when it comes to measuring user engagement with digital platforms.
  • A keen eye for detail and thoughtful investigation of data. Intuition is cool but humans are fickle animals. SQL keeps us honest.
  • Freight goes by air and ocean. So you’ll need the ability to think and execute it on multiple levels as well: from strategy and vision to execution
  • 4+ years in the industry with proven business impact; 2+ years in management
  • Passion for growing a team and talent.
  • Experience with SQL is a must. Experience with Python, R or other statistical software (e.g. Matlab/Stata) is an advantage.
  • Domain expertise in marketplace optimization/ design preferred
  • Dare we say supply chain background?
  • You love data. You eat, drink, sleep and breath data. You crunch the numbers to determine where to take your next vacation and what clothes to buy. Heck, you found Freightos by crunching data.
  • You’re not just a data geek. You “get” business, you love to help build products
  • Full time
  • Start Date of Position: Immediate
  • Location: Jerusalem, with travel to our other engineering sites
  • Reporting to: Chief Product and Engineering Officer

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