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תיאור התפקיד

Which department will you join?

The Development Infrastructure (DI) department is responsible for Mobileye's R&D infrastructure and in-house tools.
Each of our experienced SW developers is coding and enhancing our products and frameworks, shaping the way of work for hundreds of algorithmic & SW developers in Mobileye. We focus on technology, reliability and usability – all this at exceptionally large scales of compute, storage, code-base, data and more.
We are looking for a gifted SW developer and leader, to take over and lead one of our most strategic roles.

How your job will look like?

Lead, develop and create a strategic road map for our CI & Build team and members.
Strive to acquire a deep knowledge on Mobileye's development processes, in order to enhance our internal interfaces and increase productivity across R&D.
Your day-to-day work is to lead the development of our unique, large-scale build-system for its features and tools; architect Mobileye's main CI pipelines; as well as to implement improvement processes, prioritize tasks, create plans and have a large impact on our CI culture.
And the best part – you'll get to work with top-of-the-top developers in the market

דרישות התפקיד

  • 3-5 years of software development management, proven experience in building, leading, managing, and mentoring high-performance software teams

  • Proficiency and hands-on experience in Python on Linux
  • Understanding of C++ language, compilation and linkage
  • Experience in one or more of the areas:
  • Linux OS, environment, file-systems and shell tools
  • Large-scale distributed compute and storage environments
  • CI/CD concepts, technologies and best-practices, especially under heavy load
  • Git & GitLab
  • Jenkins & Groovy
  • Docker
  • Artifactory

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