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About The Position

Freightos is bringing freight online with the world’s largest global freight marketplace. Almost everything we eat, wear or use is shipped or flown by the global freight industry, but its technology is stuck in the ’90s….and we’re changing that. Beyond helping thousands of top tier companies worldwide, we’ve raised nearly $100 million from investors like GE Ventures, the Singapore Exchange and Aleph, and have gotten the BBC, TechCrunch, and the Wall Street Journal excited in the process..

Come help change global trade.

You know what’s more fun than bringing freight online? Margaritas on the beach. You know what a close second is? Helping freight companies around the world go online. Which is exactly what we’re doing with, a Freightos initiative to contribute open standards to the international freight industry. Better standards means better connectivity, which means better freight, which means that the laptop your reading on this will be cheaper. Standards we’re working on include:

  • Documents/messaging standards for important freight transactions like quote requests, quoting, tariffs, shipment bookings, and track & trace
  • Contracts like shipment letters of instructions
  • Common business processes and milestones
  • Self-audit and certification schemes
  • Air, and ocean and optionally land


Where do you fit in? You’ll work with stakeholders (yeah, we use big words like that) across the entire company to make it a reality. You’re basically opening the door to open standards, by:

  • Mapping current standards across the industry
  • Driving the vision of common open standards through partnerships or brute force
  • Work closely with Freightos R&D integration team (who like open standards), the legal team (who like the contract part) and the marketing team (who like pizza)
  • Like a freight Da Vinci, you’ll oversee hands-on data modelling, drafting and editing standards, schemas, reference data, sample data etc.

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Basic qualifications

  • We’re a tech company that deals with freight. You’ll need significant experience in IT or software architecture.
  • Great analytical and modeling skills. That =AVERAGE in Google Sheets won’t cut it.
  • For computers to communicate, they need people that communicate well too. You’ll need outstanding communications skills, able to work well with carriers, forwarders, shippers and other standards bodies (BITA, IATA etc.) to incorporate their feedback and encourage their participation.
  • Suitable background: Technical product manager, business analyst, data modeler.

Preferred qualifications

  • Think computer science is hard? Try freight. It helps if you have a deep understanding of freight concepts, definitions and data structures.
  • Experience with the freight industry, preferably in a product team at an international freight forwarder.
  • Experience in a hi-tech start-up environment
  • Basic marketing skills for building and promoting together with the incredibly fun and intelligent Freightos marketing team (who may have helped edit this post)
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  • Enough experience with OpenAPI (Swagger) to walk with your own swagger

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