Bioinformatician/Data-Scientist M. Sc./ Ph.D

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A biological start up, based in Jerusalem, is looking for Bioinformatician/Data-Scientist M. Sc./ Ph.D.

Analyze large molecular datasets including RNAseq and develop data models and databases.

Develop and apply bioinformatics algorithms for multi-modal data including supervised and unsupervised machine learning.

Keep abreast of new methodologies, algorithms, and approaches through reading scientific literature and initiating scientific collaborations.

Manipulate different data types, including genomics, imaging, and real-world-data.

Research and development of software, algorithms, and databases for big data analysis.

Source/Initiate collaborations that secure access to novel or proprietary data and new computational methodologies to analyze biological data.

Design experiments and perform validations.

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Bioinformatician/Data-Scientist M. Sc./ Ph.D.

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