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We're hiring a backend software engineer to join our awesome team in Jerusalem!


*** This is *not* an entry level position. You must have at least 2 years of development experience after completing a degree in order to apply for this position ***

For the past five years, Valera Health has been building a digital platform for delivering mental health services.

Our offices are located in NYC and in Jerusalem and the solution we offer serves clinics, hospitals, and health insurance companies across the US. Our product today enables life-saving processes in these organizations and enables the delivery of services for tens of thousands of patients.

We're growing these days, and looking for a backend software engineer.

If you write code that's readable, simple, performant, and maintainable.

If you know how to recognize bad code and continuously search for better solutions.

If you're experienced with best practices and are aware of bad practices and anti-patterns –

We want to hear from you.

דרישות התפקיד

Our system is built using node.js, MongoDB, AWS, React and native mobile – and you'll be responsible for developing our backend services.

Joining the team, your experience should include:

– B.Sc. in Computer Science/ Software Engineering or similar degree

– Writing backend services using Node.js

– Knowledge in various Databases NoSql/Sql (MongoDB, Elasticsearch). MongoDB – Advantage

– Testing frameworks/ methodologies (unit tests, TDD)

– Web development practices (RESTful apis, HTTPS, RabbitMQ)

– Version control systems (GIT)

– Familiarity with AWS cloud environment – Advantage

We're a small team and we want you to specialize in your own unique thing, but you'll also get a strong taste of the parallel worlds that live together in the same room: security, server-side, web, mobile, integration with enterprise systems, and more…

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