ASIC Architect and designer

תיאור התפקיד

In this role, the Senior Digital IC Design Engineer/Architect will be part of team contributing to LTTS Group's mission to transform and lead top hightech company project in Storage, Security or DSP domain. As Senior Engineer, the individual will be involved in developing key digital & mixed signal designs from architecture to product. Responsibilities will include: – Defining digital circuit micro architectures and enabling designs meeting power, performance and cost for next generation  interconnects. – As part of the team developing key components the engineer must be able to work collaboratively leading block level development. equipment and other hardware systems.

דרישות התפקיד

• BSc in Electrical Engineering with high GPA
• 8+ years of proven experience in ASIC front-end design or ASIC SoC architecture
• Deep knowledge in ASIC flow (From Architecture, through DFT / UPF to GDS delivery)
• Experience in multi-voltage domain design – advantage
• Ability to face costumer on technical and managerial domain
• High level English (read, write, speak)

· Excellent team work.
· Independent, fast implementer, smart, open minded, out-of-the-box thinking
· Quick learner
· Dynamic and flexible
· Highly motivated
· Multi-tasking

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