Application Security Expert and Penetration Tester

תיאור התפקיד

דרישות התפקיד

  • Experienced Penetration-tester: At least 3 years’ experience in application and infrastructure layer penetration testing for web and mobile applications, C/S architecture, embedded, code reviews, gray/white box projects, etc.
  • knowledge and experience in Application security field, deep knowledge of application level vulnerabilities and mitigation
  • knowledge and experience in reverse engineering
  • Secure coding best practices
  • Knowledge in programming (Java, .Net, C++, etc.) & protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, SSL, DNS) – the more the better
  • Good verbal communication and social skills
  • Good writing/reporting skills Additional relevant skills
  • Excellent English


  • Knowledge / Experience in SDLC, secure coding processes and CI/CD environments.
  • Knowledge / Experience with security tools (IPS, IDS, FW, WAF, AV, etc.)
  • Knowledge / experience with cloud applications, specifically AWS
  • Other: Reverse engineering, Threat-Modeling, Cryptography, etc.

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