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תיאור התפקיד

Mobileye is the world leader of the car driver assist industry. We are developing technologies that revolutionize Cars and that save lives.
The Algorithms group in Mobileye generates algorithmic solutions powering our three key product groups: Autonomous Vehicles, Car accidents prevention systems and High Definition Semantic Maps (created through crowd Sourcing).
We apply multiple technologies to achieve these goals, including Computer Vision, Applied Mathematics, Advanced Software and Deep Learning.
The algorithms group consists of top notch developers and researchers and is headed by world class scientists.
People here typically combine exceptional technology abilities with team spirit and a sense of purpose.

How your job will look like?

The Mobileye philosophy is that the magic happens when the same people develop the algorithms as well as implement them in SW.
This ensures the person implementing the algorithm has deep understanding of the algorithmic intent, and the person developing the algorithm truly understands the problem down to the details.
The job consists of a mix of algorithmic research, algorithms development, and their implementation on Mobileye's EyeQ compute engine. Potentially iterating these steps until world class result is achieved.
The work may also include helping the top car manufacturers deliver systems to save lives and make the driving experience enjoyable and exciting, by engaging with them, understanding their needs and delivering the right solutions for them.
The work also includes learning new technologies and applying them to produce product breakthroughs. The work is typically done in teams and the amount of team interaction varies based on the needs and the employees tendencies and preferences.

דרישות התפקיד

Mobileye is looking for exceptional candidates, with sharp minds who like to solve problems, with strong ability to overcome obstacles, and with a passion to learn, evolve and deliver products.
We are looking for Computer Science / Computer Engineering graduates, and also for top graduates of science and engineering degrees with experience and knowledge in algorithms and software development. Proven experience in Computer Vision and applied mathematics is a big advantage.
Experience in working on real products and delivering them to market is also a big advantage.
Advanced degrees are an advantage.

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